Seven Weeks Till Summer

The time to start has come … again. And frankly, I’m over with starting over, I’m done with not being done, and I’m finished with beginning … the redundancy makes me ill. Nevertheless, I find myself at the starting line once more.

Now, a little self-talk: enough with the defeatist attitude Erin, the life is greener anywhere but here bull***t, and the I’ve already lost before starting rhetoric must end this instant.

Ok. Better.

The deal is this: I readily accept fitness, I welcome tightness, and I want full body strength. I need health. I need energy and mental wellbeing. I need to feed my body good things and work it the way it was intended (i.e. more than a little and less than a lot). I must  push-on towards the muchiest version of myself.

I have 7 weeks until the first day of summer, enough time to pull it together for some intense (not gonna lie) shizzle (are people still izzle-ing? if not they should, because it’s awesome).

I must make this clear though – over the next few months you are going to hear a lot about getting ready for  bikini season. I do not want to be another voice among the many saying you are gross in less than an overcoat if you aren’t a certain size or heaven forbid you have certain unseemly textures to your skin. The whole thin-obsessed culture we live in is effing ridiculous.

Here’s the real deal – last week I wore a bikini to the beach, when I bent over to pick up sand toys or sunscreen-up my kid a decent fold of stretch-marked skin hung over my bottoms, also my thighs rub generously when I walk, and neither of these things make me unsuitable for bikini wearing. The only prerequisite for bikini wearing (or anything wearing really) is a body. I do not want my goals of fitness and health to be mistaken as goals of striving for an ideal body, which in my case would be a thinner body.

There are no ideal bodies.

There are only bodies.

Body confidence means being present and grateful in the body I have right this very moment, without making excuses or expecting more than what my current body offers to me. My body does not owe a standard of beauty to anyone, ever, without exception.

Seven weeks from now I plan to have a healthier body, I will not have a more valuable, lovable, or beautiful one.

I constructed eating and exercising guidelines, taking hints from all of my favorite health gurus (Tone It Up, Bob Harper, Paleo), as well as, listing specific dates between now and June 18th (my birthday) which will provide challenges for following said guidelines. JR suggested I do this, and like most every other suggestion she’s had for me over the tenure of our friendship, she has proved to be right once more. She also suggested I keep a journal of my progress. I will try.


In order to celebrate my body’s capacity for health and fitness we are re-releasing our Weekly Plan Printable updated in color and font with the same superior design including tear-away shopping list, 5 meal structure, water goal bubbles and workout section.

Until next time, keep hydrated.


CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE: two thirtysomethings weekly plan


How We Eat

A lot has been said on how to eat to lose weight (even though we prefer to measure in inches). There are plenty of shows and books and articles about it.  So, we don’t want to tote ourselves as experts in the science of weight loss. We are just two moms who care deeply about being healthy for our kids, our husbands, but mostly for ourselves, and who want to share our journey with all y’all. So, how do we eat? One answer: we eat often. Like 5 times a day to be exact.  Seriously, we don’t go hungry. Secondly: we eat smart & sustainably.

Here’s the Smart part:

[we’re going to write our thoughts on this, but if you want something a little more… official and probably better written click here]

Okay friends, the first thing we had to do is get conscious about what we were putting in our bodies. We are convinced that our bodies are machines.  And, like all machines we require specific fuels in order to run right, and loading up on lesser fuels will cause internal corrosion, decreased performance and eventually death (gasp). So, we researched and talked and researched and tested and researched some more, and what we found was: Paleo.  The Paleo lifestyle has gotten a lot of press. And while Paleolithic man went the way of dinosaur their digestive inheritance is ours.  Here’s the thing: today we aren’t running around with a bow and arrow hunting bison or rejoicing over that awesome blueberry bush we bumped into on the way to the water hole, BUT we do have choices when we head down the grocery aisle. In short Paleo is eating things with faces & things you could find ready-to-eat from the earth. There are a fair amount of no-no’s but far more YES’s.

YES’s: Below is a ‘primal food pyramid’ found on paleo-project

You may have noticed that there is no dairy, no grains, no alcohol, no caffeine and no sugars, so you may be thinking NO FUN! That is why we eat sustainably and Paleoish!

Eating Sustainably:

The hardest part of weightloss is “keeping it off”. Shrinking is simple, staying fit is the challenge (so we hear). Therefore, we wanted to do something we could keep doing… forever. Now, you may be saying “what the ef? these girls aren’t going to eat another cookie or drink another ‘real’ latte for the rest of their lives?!? that sounds crazy-nuts.”  And you would be right, that would be crazy-nuts. That’s why we eat like the modern evolved cavewomen we are.

Here is a list of our allowable paleo deviant foods and bevies.

1. Coffee and Espresso.  An addiction worth having.  We just don’t dress it up with milk and sugar.  Try almond milk.  Or a splash of cream if you must.

2. Peanuts and Peanut Butter.  This is America.  Give me Peanut Butter or Give me Death.

3. Wine wine wine. why? because it’s delicious and good for you in moderation.

4. Legumes, you know, beans. (technically not paleo – we just don’t get it. toxins shmoxins)

5. Whiskey and Vodka.  Put on your big girl pants and drink it neat or with soda water.  No sugary mixers.

6. Little bits of dairy.  Organic greek yogurt, grassfed butter, ghee, & some cheese (i.e. goat cheese on a salad).

7. Protein Powder.  We stick to paleo friendly or gluten free varieties.  Perfect in smoothies and as a waffle base.

8.  Rice.  It’s gluten free.  We keep consumption very infrequent but having just a little in your Panang Curry is a delight.

9.  Dark Chocolate.  No explanation needed.

10.  Salad Dressing.  We enjoy all types in moderation.  These can really pack a calorie punch so stir clear of slathering your lettuce in ranch.

Celebratory Foods for Celebratory Events

Eat Thanksgiving Dinner with your family.  Have some of your kids cake on their Birthday.

Date Night is Sacred

If you are going to cheat.  Cheat with your husband.  If you want really want tortilla chips with your salsa this is the time to do it.  if you are dying for that chesse plate go for it.  But only on date night and don’t go crazy.

Remember, sustainability means flexibility. We are open to adjusting the way we eat and learning more about how to best fuel our bodies. With two babies at home we have no choice but to keep as healthy and energized as possible for as long as possible. But, being a parent also means being willing to change and flex with situations as they arise. Like sometimes a friend is going to have a bad day and the only remedy is gonna be a gooey chocolate chip cookie – and that’s okay.

Constant Vigilance.

E & J

Weekly Meal Plan-Free Printable

In college one of our roommates babysat for a cute-as-a-button eccentric 4 year old boy.  He liked to sit next to his bestie (also 4) on the top bunk discussing being a good brother, boogers and/or the afterlife. Rommate Holly was moving to Germany for a semester, therefore downsizing when she gave him her stuffed moose. Later, news came that he had named him Plans. This was way before Death Cab made an album by the same name. And, this wasn’t the first concept driven toy naming incident. I believe he had a bunny named Time or Inertia too. Kids are the best, especially creative ones.

Today we have a Moose named Plans on our hands.

While not an administrator or executer naturally I too LOVE love LUV plans. Mostly the making of them. Or the making of them for me. That’s my favorite. A whole day planned out just for me makes me swoon. Husband has gotten the memo and has planned some pretty epic days for me over the years.

Why then did it take me 30 years to realize that planning my food choices for the week would tickle my fancy? The answer is, I have no freaking idea, but it’s awesome.


I have done the dinner meal plan before, but sometimes fell flat for lunches and subsequently, snacks. So, I consulted JR (the epic meal planner) and we designed this little weekly plan. Along with ALL 5 meals we eat a day we wanted it to include space to chart H2O consumption (more on that soon) and work outs (WO). We also wanted a space to write down our shopping lists ON THE SAME PAGE that could be torn away or folded under for a seamless fridge look.

photo-3 photo-2

And, we wanted to offer this lovely and useful tool for eating success to y’all. I have used it for 2 weeks and find it perfection. But, please let us know if we should do any tweaking.

Weekly Plan Download

IMPORTANT: for it to print right make sure to turn on “borderless” printing.

meal plan3


Not the Healthiest Place on Earth


Last February I (Erin) went to Disneyland determined to eat paleoish and plan for my favorite treats in a very conscious way. After scouring the interwebs, I made a list of paleo-friendly restaurants and menu items. Then, and most importantly, I made a list of my planned treats. I did not want to experience the usual amusement park mindlessness of “hey, there’s a churro stand. let’s eat a churro then forget we ate a churro and eat a pretzle later”.

It was a moderately successful trip for the Paleoish person. However, new year new challenge.  We are heading back to the Magic Kingdom at the end of the month and wanted to share my keepin’ Paleo ideas with y’all.


I will be carrying a written plan with me. It helps when I am at home so I assume it will help in the park. (I will post a pic of this before we leave so y’all can check it out)


Our hotel has a pretty killer breakfast situation. Locally sourced and tasty meats, eggs, lots of veggies – lots and lots and lots.


There is not a goofy sour ball sour enough or a churro sugary enough or a french fry fried enough for me to cheat before the 10 year anni trip (40 days!!!).  Sometimes it is good to eat yummy carbolicious foods, sometimes it is the best way to celebrate, sometimes it fills your belly along with your soul. I get that and do that – except NOT when I’m in full GO MODE. So, this time, no beignets from ralph brennen and no dole whips from the tiki stand. Next time. I promise.

4. Follow this list of “approved” dining establishments

While it is next to impossible to completely know if there is soy or sugar involved in the marinating and cooking of some of these menu items my goal is to stay as Gluten, Rice, Dairy and Sugar free as possible.

Turkey Legs: Before I was paleo I was a HUGE turkey leg fan. Unsure if these feats of culinary mystery are really made of turkey (there is discussion of it being pork based) I know they are neither breaded or made of milk. I am positive that sugar is part of their deliciousness tho. I’m gonna let it go because of its overwhelming meatiness.

Village Haus: Bratwurst, skip the bun, extra (I mean EXTRA) kraut.

Bengal BBQ: Meat and Veggie Skewars. This is an expensive option for a full meal since the skewars are more of a snacky size. Though, super delicious.


Rancho Del Zocalo: Tostada. No shell. No beans. EXTRA grilled veggies.

Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe: SOOO many salads to chose from.

Hungry Bear Restaurant: Big Als Chicken Salad. Smoked chicken on romaine and iceberg lettuce with watermelon, pecans, dried cherries, red onions. In other words, Yes Please.


Big Thunder Ranch: Grilled Chicken and Ribs and Coleslaw. While the bbq sauce is a sugar situation for sure I will scrape lots of it off and will make a small exception since my daughter and husband absolutely adore this place. Though avoiding the cornbread may make me cry.


Cocina Cucamonga: (CA) This is my favorite option and will probably be dinner all 3 nights we are in the park. 1/2 Citrus Fire-Grilled Chicken with Veggies. It is yum yum yum and totally paleo.

Citrus Fire-Grilled Chicken with Veggies


So, wish me luck. I’m gonna need it.