Seven Weeks Till Summer

The time to start has come … again. And frankly, I’m over with starting over, I’m done with not being done, and I’m finished with beginning … the redundancy makes me ill. Nevertheless, I find myself at the starting line once more.

Now, a little self-talk: enough with the defeatist attitude Erin, the life is greener anywhere but here bull***t, and the I’ve already lost before starting rhetoric must end this instant.

Ok. Better.

The deal is this: I readily accept fitness, I welcome tightness, and I want full body strength. I need health. I need energy and mental wellbeing. I need to feed my body good things and work it the way it was intended (i.e. more than a little and less than a lot). I must  push-on towards the muchiest version of myself.

I have 7 weeks until the first day of summer, enough time to pull it together for some intense (not gonna lie) shizzle (are people still izzle-ing? if not they should, because it’s awesome).

I must make this clear though – over the next few months you are going to hear a lot about getting ready for  bikini season. I do not want to be another voice among the many saying you are gross in less than an overcoat if you aren’t a certain size or heaven forbid you have certain unseemly textures to your skin. The whole thin-obsessed culture we live in is effing ridiculous.

Here’s the real deal – last week I wore a bikini to the beach, when I bent over to pick up sand toys or sunscreen-up my kid a decent fold of stretch-marked skin hung over my bottoms, also my thighs rub generously when I walk, and neither of these things make me unsuitable for bikini wearing. The only prerequisite for bikini wearing (or anything wearing really) is a body. I do not want my goals of fitness and health to be mistaken as goals of striving for an ideal body, which in my case would be a thinner body.

There are no ideal bodies.

There are only bodies.

Body confidence means being present and grateful in the body I have right this very moment, without making excuses or expecting more than what my current body offers to me. My body does not owe a standard of beauty to anyone, ever, without exception.

Seven weeks from now I plan to have a healthier body, I will not have a more valuable, lovable, or beautiful one.

I constructed eating and exercising guidelines, taking hints from all of my favorite health gurus (Tone It Up, Bob Harper, Paleo), as well as, listing specific dates between now and June 18th (my birthday) which will provide challenges for following said guidelines. JR suggested I do this, and like most every other suggestion she’s had for me over the tenure of our friendship, she has proved to be right once more. She also suggested I keep a journal of my progress. I will try.


In order to celebrate my body’s capacity for health and fitness we are re-releasing our Weekly Plan Printable updated in color and font with the same superior design including tear-away shopping list, 5 meal structure, water goal bubbles and workout section.

Until next time, keep hydrated.


CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE: two thirtysomethings weekly plan


Weekly Meal Plan-Free Printable

In college one of our roommates babysat for a cute-as-a-button eccentric 4 year old boy.  He liked to sit next to his bestie (also 4) on the top bunk discussing being a good brother, boogers and/or the afterlife. Rommate Holly was moving to Germany for a semester, therefore downsizing when she gave him her stuffed moose. Later, news came that he had named him Plans. This was way before Death Cab made an album by the same name. And, this wasn’t the first concept driven toy naming incident. I believe he had a bunny named Time or Inertia too. Kids are the best, especially creative ones.

Today we have a Moose named Plans on our hands.

While not an administrator or executer naturally I too LOVE love LUV plans. Mostly the making of them. Or the making of them for me. That’s my favorite. A whole day planned out just for me makes me swoon. Husband has gotten the memo and has planned some pretty epic days for me over the years.

Why then did it take me 30 years to realize that planning my food choices for the week would tickle my fancy? The answer is, I have no freaking idea, but it’s awesome.


I have done the dinner meal plan before, but sometimes fell flat for lunches and subsequently, snacks. So, I consulted JR (the epic meal planner) and we designed this little weekly plan. Along with ALL 5 meals we eat a day we wanted it to include space to chart H2O consumption (more on that soon) and work outs (WO). We also wanted a space to write down our shopping lists ON THE SAME PAGE that could be torn away or folded under for a seamless fridge look.

photo-3 photo-2

And, we wanted to offer this lovely and useful tool for eating success to y’all. I have used it for 2 weeks and find it perfection. But, please let us know if we should do any tweaking.

Weekly Plan Download

IMPORTANT: for it to print right make sure to turn on “borderless” printing.

meal plan3


But, William you could get drunk. You could get addicted … to Paleo Chili

This is a tale of a girl (Erin) and her love affair with chili.

Oh, chili. My earliest chili memory is going to Wienerschnitzel after a mommy manicure date at the local beauty school. I had red nails. I ordered a chili dog. I was seven. After this encounter with salty meaty tasty wonderful, I became a chilli girl. Baked Potatoes became Chili Potatoes. Soup, nah, Chili. For the next fifteen years I ate chili from the can. Searching for favorites, Hormel was a winner for a while, then came Trader Joe’s (have you noticed that we’re fans), turkey was good, beef was better.

Then, a revelation: a husband, a kid, and twenty years later I woke up and thought: I think I can do better than TJ’s. I love to cook, but had never made chili. Bizarre for a connoisseur like myself. So, I went to the stove and tried my hand. After a little tweaking, success! Spicy flavorful AND healthy chili right in my kitchen.

Here’s the deal though, I make it almost every week and have never once used a recipe. Honestly, recipes drive me crazy – the measuring, the lack of creativity, plus the notion that an artist (is there another word for a chef) could itemize their process and it would turn out the same in my kitchen rings false. I make exception for baking – recipes are necessary for baking. I also loathe baking. (baked goods on the other hand…yum)

In the spirit of recipes being of the devil, here’s mine for the Paleo Chili I made last night.

IMG_2914 IMG_2918


7ish qt stock pot or french oven

2 onions chopped (saute in a little olive oil or bacon fat till transluscent)

3 Tbs Chili Powder, add more if you like spicy tasty chili. If you are sensitive to spice you probably don’t really like good chili – there are powder mixes that are less spicy, find those and thank me later.  (the kind you use makes a BIG difference. If you want to have kick ass chili get creative. I like to mix it up and buy mine in bulk at rainbow grocery in SF. Favorites are Chipotle, New Tex Mex and Ancho.)

1 tsp Smoked Paprika

1 tsp garlic salt

1 tsp ground cumin

* very important to add the chili powder, paprika and cumin in during the onion saute period. these types of dry spices need to open up to their full flavor and cannot do so if added during the liquid stage.

2 packages ground organic beef (costco)

1 package ground turkey (brown with onions)

1 red/yellow/orange pepper chopped (add after onion and spices and meat)

2 cans diced & fire roasted tomatoes (from TJs)

2 BIG cans of diced tomatoes

1 can of fire roasted diced green chile (from TJs)

Bring all to a boil and simmer for at least 30 minutes if not for hours. You can also use a crock pot after browning the meat – Low for 6 hrs, High for 2-3 hrs.

Serve with a garnish of chopped white onion, fresh tomatoes and CILANTRO.

And voila, chili glory.


True confession: the above picture is not of my chili bowl, it is what I wanted to eat yesterday, but didn’t.

1 point for self control.

and, yes, that’s my child’s half eaten donut from church. i wanted it bad. for shame. for shame.



Egg Cups of Champions

This is the first time the mister is going full paleo with me (usually he eats paleo at home, but at work he consumes mcdonald’s dollar menu items like it’s going out of style). But, in a show of solidarity and for his own beach vacation goals he is all in. After scrambling around the kitchen every morning and he sometimes starving through lunch, I realized that it would be helpful to do a bit more preparing and cooking. Starting at the beginning of the day seemed like a good plan. So, I made egg muffins/cups/faux-quiches to last the week.


There are a few recipes around the interwebs. I made up my own. And, verdict is in… YUM.  I had mine warm since I was the one to take them out of the oven, the mister had them cold and said they are better warm, but eatable cold too.  Served up with some sliced red pepper and a handful of cherry tomatoes, it was a breakfast delight.


INGREDIENTS (all from trader joes):

18 egg cups

Olive Oil Cooking Spray (prep muffin tins)

Turkey Bacon (rip in half longways and place in muffin cups)

Precut onions (lazy option, i know. but who wants to cry over onions at 7 am. place in bottom of cup)

any of these: spinach, peppers, jalapenos, asparagus, salsa, tomatoes…

2 Cartons egg whites from TJ’s or 24oz larger container from the market (pour over the veggie and t.bac cups a few millimeters from the top)

sprinkle spices on top: cayenne pepper, salt, black pepper, crushed red pepper

Cook @ 350 for 25-30 minutes.