how i (erin) workout – an exercise in embarassment

My daughter Emmie and I get serious about working out with the girls from Tone It Up. There were some laughs.

Watching myself exercise is mortifying to say the least. Hopefully my little bit of courage gives you the oomph you need to get from your couch to the floor. it’s never been more awkward or awesome time to get fit.


Since I’m up early anyways

Since becoming a mommy I’ve had to make peace with some things. Namely, waking at the crack of dawn. I used to sit around, give my kid a snack, and pretend to still be asleep. But this left me feeling defeated and not so stellar in the parenting department. Plus it’s really hard to sleep through Sesame Street.

So when I’m on my game (which doesn’t always happen) I set my alarm and wake up before the kiddos. I get dressed in my work out clothes, sneak downstairs, and have a cuppa. Then I read, journal, and plan out my day. When the kids wake up, I grab them a snack and water bottle and put them in the stroller. And boom, Mommy’s getting it done. Off for a run and the day has just started.

When Dr. Husband is off for the day. I get to take off right away and enjoy the quiet morning all on my own. This morning was one of those mornings. So I laced up my shoes, grabbed my headphones (so I could check out Erin’s new playlist mentioned here), and had a wonderful solo run. Unfortunately, in my little Northern California town enjoying a playlist a little too loudly means you can’t hear the enraged biker who is shouting, “left, Left, LEFT!” until he almost hits you. Oops.

I snapped this while out on my run.  Get it done ladies, Get it done!



Just In Case You Were Wondering

If you are like me you want to know the nitty gritty.  You know, the real details.  I realized that after January I never shared the results of our first 30 Something Paleo Challenge.  (Did you forgot what that was?  Here is a quick recap:  no dairy, no grains, no added sugar, no alcohol, lots of animal protein, lots of vegetables, and a little bit of fruit and nuts.)  Well by the end of the month I lost 6 pounds.  Yep, 6 pounds!   Erin lost even more than that, but I will let her tell you about it.  I am pretty pleased with myself.  At the end of the month I successfully fit into all of my pants and most of my tops.  Though the top issue has everything to do with nursing and not actual weight.  I’m sure once I’m done nursing I’ll fit back into all of my tops, and I’ll be pouting about how baggy they are. But back to the pants,  I actually had to go buy two new pairs  because mine were too big.  Yeah!!!! I do miss how nice my bigger jeans made my stomach look though.  Has anyone else ever noticed that if  your jeans are a little loose around the waist, you might almost start to believe that you don’t have any “tummy issues.”  But my pants were so loose I could slip them down without unbuttoning.  So now I am in jeans that actually fit but do create a little bit of (dare I say) a muffin top.  Ah, the work continues.

So now it is February.  I have been eating Paleoish and been indulging in some open meals.  And don’t even get me started on the Super Bowl.  Let’s just say two beers, a piece of pizza, multiple wings, and chocolate chip cookies left me feeling a bit blah.  Ah, lesson learned.  Overeating is just not worth it.  But there was one small victory from that day.  Little Miss was very impressed by Madonna’s halftime show and of course she wanted to be like M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj and put on her cheerleading outfit too.  Then she pleaded with me to put mine on.  I’m not even sure how she knew I had one.  But, she had been a good sport, hanging out and watching so much of the game, I thought it would be nice to indulge her a bit.  So I dug it out of the garage and tried it on.  Guess what?  It fit. And because I know you want to see it.  Here you go…

I’m pushing that polyester to it’s breaking point, but I’m making it work.  By the way, Little Miss  picked out snakeskin heels for me to wear with it.    Real classy.  I know for sure that I would not have fit into at all in December.  Thank you cavemen for sharing your diet with me!

So like I said before, I have been eating Paleoish all of February.  Here is the crazy part.  My weight has not budged.  It hasn’t gone up.  It;s hasn’t gone down.  At first I was feeling a bit bummed.  But then I realized that I have at least succeeded in finding a way to eat that will help me maintain a very stable weight. But i still have a bit of weight to lose and my tummy needs to flatten out a bit.  So in March I’m jumping back into Paleo.   No open meals, no cheats.  I’m excited to see what my by body does.  Do you want to join me?  You’ve got a little under 2 weeks to decide and prepare yourself.  We will all do it together.  Erin and I will be sharing our grocery lists and our menus.  You won’t have to do it alone.  Just start thinking about it….

Weekend Workout Challenge


I’m a disciplined person but even I struggle to workout on the weekends. If my husband is actually off work I want to hang out with him. Or I want to run errands. Or I want to just relax with my kids.
But working out is such a good thing. So let’s challenge each other to workout this weekend. But let’s open our minds up a bit. This weekend, workout at the park with your kids. Put down the iPhone. Pinterest and Facebook will still be there later. Play with your kids. Start a game of tag. Do the monkey bars (oh my gosh those are hard). Impress your kids with your awesome cherry drop. Do some box jumps onto the jungle jim steps. Other parents might think you are a bit funny, but chances are they will be jealous of how much fun you are having.

Coming to terms with my belly


True story: I have never ever had a flat stomach, and probably never will.

Not even in high school – working out 2 hours a day 5-6 days a week. I have always had a little pouch right above my bikini line When I find a picture from my youth that accurately depicts it I will scan it and post it so you will see. Without extreme weight loss cornering on sickliness I will have a small fat deposit front and center. I share this with all y’all because I am at peace about it. And, as evidenced in the above belly shots of me this past summer, having babies has not helped me out any. But, here’s the truth: no one gets the ideal body. And, frankly I consider myself lucky because I’ve never been super self-conscious about my less-than-flat tummy. We all have things we like and don’t like about our bodies (for instance: i’m a pretty big fan of my hair and boobs. not a big fan of my thighs and flat feet). The struggle is to not wrap up SELF image with BODY image. Post-baby I feel myself growing healthier in this department. I will never be super skinny; this is not a bad thing. I will never have thighs that don’t touch; and this is not a bad thing. I will always have a little tummy pudge; and this is something I can live with. My goal cannot be this unattainable person who lives in another reality (read: gwyneth paltrow or blake lively – i have a thing for long limbed waify blonds) void of my hereditary tendency toward round butt, boobs and thighs. I can, however, be healthy and fit. My goal is to get back into MY kind of skinny jeans. Probably a size 12 for a while, then with a lot of work, size 10. To many of my friends, these are the sizes of their pregnancy fat jeans. This is what it is. Healthy body and self image means comparing myself to no one but myself. For me, size 10 is super thin. It is no small feat to make a baby inside of you. Again, it is no small feat to put humpty back together again. It takes a long time and a lot of work. Weight wise I am about 3 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. Solid, right!?!? But, grad school and becoming a 30 year old have done their fair share too. So now, now we work. Because I’m gonna meet my goals. I’m gonna look and feel like the most fit and healthy version of myself. And, she’s gonna be hawt.

There and Back Again…A Tummy’s Tale

Here is a picture of me one week before I got pregnant with Mansie.


Here is a picture of me one week past my due date, about 8 hours before Mansie was born.

So as you can see I got pretty big.  My baby weighted almost 10 pounds.  I gained around 40  pounds while pregnant.  Bare in mind I taught Zumba until I was 38 weeks and ate a good diet.  But I still got huge. I want my flat tummy back.  I know I can do it, but I also know that it will take work.  Last week I was at Trader Joes.  I started chatting with another mom who had a 12 week old who weighed like 20 pounds.  Seriously, she was bigger than my 7 month old.  Anyways, the mom turned to me and said, “It’s liked she sucked all of the weight off of me.  I weigh less now than I did before I got pregnant.  All I do is eat.”  I wanted to punch her in the face.

With both babies I lost about 15  with no effort.  Shot, with Mansie, 10 of those pounds were him.  The remaining weight will only come off with diet and exercise.  Breastfeeding alone doesn’ t do it for me.

So now I am 7 months postpartum and I’ve lost a lot of the weight.  I’ve been working out, teaching classes, and sporadically counting my calories.  But I’m still not where I want to be.  It’s time to dig in.  I want to be able to sit down and not have to tuck my tummy into my jeans.  I want to be able to fit into all of my clothes.  I want to look good in a bikini.  I will do it and I’m willing to work hard.  Childbirth is hard and I’ve done that twice (with no drugs, mind you).  I surely can do this.

Flat tummy…..I’m coming for you.

Intentions, There Are A Few

True Story.  This is us very pregnant.  We looked pretty cute, right?! But, those babies left us a bit fluffy and a bit…er…let’s just say, we don’t fit into our skinny jeans. And, six-plus months later we’re over it. It’s time to reclaim our bodies, our choices, ourselves, our bikinis. Why?  Because being healthy and being hawt are worth it.  Want to join us?  You know you do?  It won’t be easy.  It won’t always be fun.  It may be a little dangerous (jk).  But it will be all kinds of awesome.

This is how we plan to do it:

1.  Eating Clean and Green (There will be a whole post on this soon)

2.  Sweating (….the gym and stuff)

3.  Accountability and Encouragement (hence, this little blog)

4.  Focus on Small Victories (effortless buttoning of jeans that “fit”)

5.  Being the Right Type of Selfish (we are going to talk a lot about this)

If we are being honest, then we should say this.  It’s not about a diet.  We are trying to create a healthy sustainable lifestyle. We are betting you want the same thing.  It’s already mid January and there is a good chance that your New Year’s resolutions  to eat better, workout, drink more water, and go to bed early have been made and possibly broken.  And, we’re here to say: that’s okay.  Change is hard, but it’s not impossible.  We have found that we need each other to get healthy in a healthy way. And we intend to use this blog as a way to let y’all into our process.

So, come on, what’s there to lose, but a couple inches.