Travel Love

I love to travel. And I really love to travel with this guy.


Some day the two of us will travel alone again. But soon we are leaving for Thailand with our two kiddos. Yeah for travel!!!! Boo to 20 hours of flying with a five year old and and 2 year old. But I won’t let 20 hours of misery stop me. I’ve got a trip to plan for and I love planning for trips. So here is what I’ve been obsessing over this week.

1. Finding the Perfect Travel Bag

I’m in my 30s and I’m a stay at home mom. On the regular, I don’t need to shlep around laptops or files, so I don’t have a backpack, attache, or messenger bag. (What I do have are some very nice purses.) But traveling with two littles means bringing lots of snacks and toys and small bottles of alcohol. So I need a travel bag.

At first I was considering a back pack. I spent hours, and I mean hours, browsing sooooo many websites. But I was underwhelmed. Nothing seemed quite right. Everything I liked required lots of unbuckling. Kind of a pain when you have an angry toddler demanding dried mango. I need zippers people. But if you don’t have an angry toddler. I think this backpack is lovely.


Somehow I stumbled up Fjall Raven. A lovely outdoorsy company from Sweeden. And they make a tote bag that is also a backpack. And it has zippers. My mind is blown. So, I got the Totepack 1. It is perfection.


2. Purchasing Yummy and Healthy Snacks

I know some people say that on vacation you should just eat whatever you want. Well it just so happens that I want to eat healthy food. Also if I just eat whatever, I feel so gross and have major tummy trouble. No fun. So I always bring food. Snack food is especially easy to pack. At meal times I will be eating lots of fresh Thai food. But if I need some good snacks I’ll be prepared. I’ve picked up Lara Bars, Kind Bars, Justin’s Almond Butter, Pistachios, Dried Mangos, and Dried Cranberries.


3. Planning Some Good Workouts

Again, I actually like working out on vacation. I love running on vacation. My local green belts are beautiful but getting to run on a beach or through a new city is amazing. So I’ll be running a lot while I’m away. But I also like doing other workouts. Here are a couple good ones.

And this is my favorite do anywhere workout.


Don’t worry, I’ve also been loading up my kindle with some good books. Mama needs some downtime.


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LC’s Overnight Oats

Do you guys remember the Hills, or even better, Laguna Beach?  I sadly wasted a few hours of my life watching the love triangle that was Stephen, Kristin, and LC.  I personally was rooting for LC.  Any girl that also goes by her initials has my allegiance.

LC Knows Best

Well LC grew up and who would have guessed now runs her own lifestyle website.  She has surprisingly delish recipes that are clean, simple and yummy.

I just tried out her Overnight Oats.

You can follow the link above and LC tells you all you need to know.

But maybe you don’t want to do that, so I’ll put them here too.

1.  Grab a jar or container with a lid.

2.  Add 1/2 cup rolled oats

3.  Add 2/3 cup almond milk

4. Mix in 1/2 cup yogurt

5. Stir in a  pinch of cinnamon

6.  Put lid on and let chill in your fridge overnight.

7.  In the morning add some fixings like apples and honey or bananas and peanut butter or brown sugar and raisins.


Thanks LC!

Magic in The Morning Green Smoothie

Hermione Granger and I have a lot in common.  Big hair, huge intellect, and the ability to make magic.

Her magic is of the wizarding sort.  I make smoothie magic.  My current smoothie obsession, just like Ms. Granger, packs a punch.

Take it Malfoy!

Take it Malfoy!



For 1 Serving

4 Ounces Almond Milk

1/2 Banana

1 Scoop Protein Powder ( I use Perfect Fit Protein Powder)

2 Tbs. Chia Seeds

2 Tbs. Powdered Peanut Butter

1 Shot Espresso

2 Handfuls of Spinach

Cup of Ice

Combine all ingredients and blend!

Drink the Magic!

photo (2)

Currently Crushing // JR’s Swaxy September

Oh, yes.  Married women still have crushes (here are Erin’s).  They just look a little different.  Here’s whats got me smitten like a kitten, and feeling a little swaxy this September.

Ear Candy

In 11 years of marriage, Brett Dennen is the only man my husband has ever accussed me of having a crush on.  Which I don’t by the way.  Gingers aren’t my thing.  But I’ve been a fan of Brett’s (we are on a first name basis) music for awhile.  His lyrics are sooo good.  They are either super poignant and thought provoking or really fun. And I must say most of his music has a nice groove to it. Like you can get a really good hip roll or at least a hip wiggle in. Comeback Kid in particular is a great booty shaking song. He is a singer/songwriter and he writes about the best and worst parts of life.  His music reminds me of the music I grew up listening to on drives up to Bear Valley with my parents. If you fancy yourself a folk fan than give him a try.  His just released Wild Child and the album is coming out in October.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.  You’ll be running through fields skipping in no time.

And speaking of gingers and hips….

Weasley is Our King

Weasley is Our King

On the Tele

Delivering Babies by  Bike

Delivering Babies by Bike

It is no secret that I have a deep undying love for the BBC. There is nothing like a good period drama.  Call the Midwife is no exception. I’ve mentioned before that I am obsessed with this show. But i watched all the available episodes. Then Netflix made my day and added Season 2. Rejoice! Rejoice! So now you can currently watch the first two seasons on Netflix.   This show has nuns, rich Brits, poor East Enders, and so many women in labor.    (Side note- 1950’s English midwives had women push laying on their sides.  Genius. Why did this practice ever stop?)   Hmm….rereading my description and thinking that women in labor and nuns doesn’t sound like it would be very interesting.  But it seriously is so good.  I spent my kids nap time yesterday tucked away in my bedroom watching it on my Kindle Fire.  It was a great escape.  Also, systematically exposing yourself to labor decreases the likelihood of actually having to birth anything ever again.

On My Face

Nothing bland about this face wash

Nothing bland about this face wash

Ultrabland.  The lovelies at LUSH make this wonderful product.  You put it on your damp face.  Massage for a bit.  Then wipe off with a wet wash cloth. Don’t try to wash it off.  Doesn’t work.  I promise. Don’t try it.   It removes all of your make up but leaves your natural oil on your face. You don’t even have to use a moistruizer after.  It smells like roses and your face will seriously glow afterwards. I’m in my thirties and somehow this cleanser makes me feel like I am very naturally fighting the aging process. Not sure if that is true. But I believe it.

Yummy Yummy

Magic in Cookie Form

Magic in Cookie Form

I eat Paleoish. No added sugar, no grain, and just little bits of dairy. I can live with this. But I can not and will not live without chocolate chip cookies. While my family watched terrible, terrible football I whipped up these babies, the Best Ever Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Here’s a pro tip: Get your eggs to room temperature. Don’t skip this step. It’s there to help you, not hurt you. And please, please, please refigerate your batter as instructed. You can wait thirty extra minutes for your cookies.

Drinky Drinky

Go for the vanilla one, it's way better.

Go for the vanilla one, it’s way better.

Did you know that you can milk an almond?  Seriously, go to your pantry and pick up an almond.  If you look really closely, right by the pointy end, you’ll find the udder.  Cow’s milk is so overrated.  Jack Lelane once said something like…”Humans are the only animals that drink the milk of another animal”.  Actually I think he said something about suckling and teets, but regardless of the semantics Jack was on to something.  Try some almond milk .  It is delish!  I adore it in my iced Americanos.
And while you are at it, get a quick workout in with Jack.

Collard Wrapped Enchiladas

I’m a  Californian.  Nature and nurture dictate that I love Mexican food.  

See how happy I am.  My tacos haven't even showed up yet and I'm smiling.

See how happy I am. My tacos haven’t even showed up yet and I’m smiling.

And I love Enchiladas!  But I don’t eat tortillas so we’ve got a problem.  Or maybe we don’t.  Enter collard greens.  These giant leafs are a favorite of mine .  I always keep a bunch of them in my fridge.  I mostly use them as wraps.  But Erin’s sister, Rocket, made Collard Wrapped Enchiladas  last week and they were sooooo good.  She doesn’t really do recipes.  So I recreated them using my own recipe.  These are not Paleo.  More Paleoish.  They have beans and use premade enchilada sauce.  But they are  Muy delicioso!



1 Bunch of Whole Leaf Collard Greens

1  Jar of Enchilada Sauce ( I like Trader Joes)

I  Can of Black Beans

1 Pound  Spicy Italian Sausage (casings removed)

Diced Onions, Celery, and Carrots

*I threw in some diced bell peppers because I had them in the fridge.

*Also, you could use any ground meat you want.  You will need to season it thought.  Some cumin would be lovely.



1.  Steam collards for 7-8 minutes.  I used a large stock pot with a vegetable steamer.  Set Aside.

2.  Brown meat in pan.  Seat aside.

3.  Saute onions, celery and carrots.

4.  Drain beans and add to vegetables.  Warm in pan.

5.  Combine vegetables, beans and meat.

6.  Pour some of the enchilada sauce into the bottom of a baking dish.

7.  Begin rolling up meat and vegetable mixture inside of collard greens.  Then place in baking dish.  Pro tip: Wrap them up tiny and tight.  Otherwise they are very hard to cut through.

8.   Pour enchilada sauce over the wraps.

9.  Bake at 375 for 25-30 minutes.

10.  Serve with guacamole.

How We Eat

A lot has been said on how to eat to lose weight (even though we prefer to measure in inches). There are plenty of shows and books and articles about it.  So, we don’t want to tote ourselves as experts in the science of weight loss. We are just two moms who care deeply about being healthy for our kids, our husbands, but mostly for ourselves, and who want to share our journey with all y’all. So, how do we eat? One answer: we eat often. Like 5 times a day to be exact.  Seriously, we don’t go hungry. Secondly: we eat smart & sustainably.

Here’s the Smart part:

[we’re going to write our thoughts on this, but if you want something a little more… official and probably better written click here]

Okay friends, the first thing we had to do is get conscious about what we were putting in our bodies. We are convinced that our bodies are machines.  And, like all machines we require specific fuels in order to run right, and loading up on lesser fuels will cause internal corrosion, decreased performance and eventually death (gasp). So, we researched and talked and researched and tested and researched some more, and what we found was: Paleo.  The Paleo lifestyle has gotten a lot of press. And while Paleolithic man went the way of dinosaur their digestive inheritance is ours.  Here’s the thing: today we aren’t running around with a bow and arrow hunting bison or rejoicing over that awesome blueberry bush we bumped into on the way to the water hole, BUT we do have choices when we head down the grocery aisle. In short Paleo is eating things with faces & things you could find ready-to-eat from the earth. There are a fair amount of no-no’s but far more YES’s.

YES’s: Below is a ‘primal food pyramid’ found on paleo-project

You may have noticed that there is no dairy, no grains, no alcohol, no caffeine and no sugars, so you may be thinking NO FUN! That is why we eat sustainably and Paleoish!

Eating Sustainably:

The hardest part of weightloss is “keeping it off”. Shrinking is simple, staying fit is the challenge (so we hear). Therefore, we wanted to do something we could keep doing… forever. Now, you may be saying “what the ef? these girls aren’t going to eat another cookie or drink another ‘real’ latte for the rest of their lives?!? that sounds crazy-nuts.”  And you would be right, that would be crazy-nuts. That’s why we eat like the modern evolved cavewomen we are.

Here is a list of our allowable paleo deviant foods and bevies.

1. Coffee and Espresso.  An addiction worth having.  We just don’t dress it up with milk and sugar.  Try almond milk.  Or a splash of cream if you must.

2. Peanuts and Peanut Butter.  This is America.  Give me Peanut Butter or Give me Death.

3. Wine wine wine. why? because it’s delicious and good for you in moderation.

4. Legumes, you know, beans. (technically not paleo – we just don’t get it. toxins shmoxins)

5. Whiskey and Vodka.  Put on your big girl pants and drink it neat or with soda water.  No sugary mixers.

6. Little bits of dairy.  Organic greek yogurt, grassfed butter, ghee, & some cheese (i.e. goat cheese on a salad).

7. Protein Powder.  We stick to paleo friendly or gluten free varieties.  Perfect in smoothies and as a waffle base.

8.  Rice.  It’s gluten free.  We keep consumption very infrequent but having just a little in your Panang Curry is a delight.

9.  Dark Chocolate.  No explanation needed.

10.  Salad Dressing.  We enjoy all types in moderation.  These can really pack a calorie punch so stir clear of slathering your lettuce in ranch.

Celebratory Foods for Celebratory Events

Eat Thanksgiving Dinner with your family.  Have some of your kids cake on their Birthday.

Date Night is Sacred

If you are going to cheat.  Cheat with your husband.  If you want really want tortilla chips with your salsa this is the time to do it.  if you are dying for that chesse plate go for it.  But only on date night and don’t go crazy.

Remember, sustainability means flexibility. We are open to adjusting the way we eat and learning more about how to best fuel our bodies. With two babies at home we have no choice but to keep as healthy and energized as possible for as long as possible. But, being a parent also means being willing to change and flex with situations as they arise. Like sometimes a friend is going to have a bad day and the only remedy is gonna be a gooey chocolate chip cookie – and that’s okay.

Constant Vigilance.

E & J

Week 2 Update & Jumpstart to Skinny Grocery List Too

One week into Bob’s plan and I’ve got some results for y’all. Plus, there’s been a very positive internet response to posting the grocery list he so graciously left out of the book. So, buckle up kiddos, it’s about to get real…


weekly plans of an unreadable nature. but i’m wearing a bright pink shirt and my kitchen is a mess. so, cheers.

Before I start this thing in earnest I have another Protip: You will re-write your opening sentences 10 times if you try watching The Miracle of Swindon Town while writing. No joke, nothing pulls me down the YouTube rabbit-hole like the boys of Swindon. 

If this was a weigh in show I would weigh 4 pounds less than last week. Solid work Bobby Harps!!! Solid work me!!!

But first, as with all great honest relationships we start with True Confessions:

I had wine one night – I don’t feel bad about this perse. Bob says no to alcohol, but my tomato fish stew said yes. I went off book and had quinoa every morning since I won’t eat the bread on Pizza breakfast day (plus, gross).  Breaking with my no wheat rule, I was ravenous at the mall and had 1/2 a slice with emmie’s salted egg salad sandwich from starbucks (her favorite – more proof kids are plain bizarre  i mean i like egg salad as much as the next grownup, but why get that when there are cake pops. weirdo.)Also,  I did not exercise every day and I had a small bowl of 4 ingredient ice cream my niece made for me last night – I don’t feel bad about it though, life is not really life if one cannot celebrate familial kid culinary generosity.

Now, the part where I brag on myself:

I did my pre-breakfast workout 4 mornings this week. BOOM BABY!

Ok, I know Bob and K&K want me to get moving every day before breakfast.

But, I’m gonna bloody well pat myself on the back since this is 4 more morning workouts than ever before. And the verdict is in on AM workouts: They make the entire day better. More energy. Less weird food cravings. More positive feelings about myself for being a champion morning workouter (cheesy-slash-lame, but true). Less guilt about not getting to the gym after naps like I planned.

Save the exceptions in True Confessions I ate what Bob suggested and it was delicious. The Spaghetti Squash Bolognese and PBJ quinoa-meal were high points (will post my recipes soon).

But, you didn’t stop by to hear all about me, or maybe you did – I am fascinating after all. I know you came for the grocery list.

So, without further ado, have an awesome clean eating week all you Bobites.

WEEK 2 GROCERY LIST for 3  (*post edit: adjustments for 1 person in parenthesis)

fresh produce

8 (3) zucchini

4 (1) yellow squash

2 (1) bunches asparagus

cherry tomatoes

2 garlic heads

2 (1) cauliflower heads

10 (4) plum tomatoes

3 (2) bags arugula

3 lemons



8 (2-3) kale bunches

3 (1) swiss chard bunches

broccoli (lots)

spinach (lots)



3 (1) sweet potatoes


10 (4) persian cucumbers

dandelion greens

green onion

2 (1) avocado

4 (2) mix green bags


5 (2) red bell peppers


butter leaf lettuce head

cold stuff

egg whites (over 100 worth)

1 lb (1/2 lb) ground turkey

fat free green yogurt

sliced turkey

1 lb (1/3 lb) halibut/cod

1 lb (1/3 lb) shrimp

1 lb (1/3 lb) steak

5 lbs (1.5 lbs) chicken breast

dry/canned goods


whole wheat penne ** (not me)

low sodium vegetable broth

apple sauce no sugar added


liquid aminos


i also attached a pdf of the list in case you want to print it out. yeah, yeah, yeah, you are welcome. 

week 2 grocery list

week 2 grocery list