A little background:

I met Erin just a couple weeks before starting my sophomore year of college at UC Davis.  We needed another roommate and our mutual friend hooked us up.  Erin was a freshman and was opting to forgo the dorms for apartment life.  I’m so glad she did. It was essential that we become friends otherwise I would hate her.   Super fit, blond shiny hair, great sense of humor, and smart as a whip.  If she didn’t become my friend and fast, I would have to hurt her.  Lucky for Erin we became friends, and not just friends, best friends.  We lived together for the next three years.  I watched her grow into the woman she is today, kind, compassionate, balanced, and beautiful.  We ate chili cheese fries together and took hip hop and kickboxing together.  (Ah, I miss the days when bi-weekly aerobics could make you look amazing even while eating garbage.)   Erin met Mr. Man, fell in love, and got married before graduating.  Quite romantic really.  After graduating Erin and Mr. Man moved to Southern California where Erin studied Marriage and Family Therapy.  Then came a move to Boston so her husband could study law at a little school called Harvard.  Erin embraced East Coast life and began work as a Marriage and Family Therapist.  She also worked as a Floor Time Consultant with Autistic children.  Then she got preggers with Baby Girl  and became a stay at home mommy.  A job she is very good at.   Mr. Man, Esq. was offered a position in a Bay Area firm so she packed her bags once again.  Erin settled into her new life.  In the process rediscovering her love of writing and mentoring teens.  Baby boy showed up in July 2011.  Then it was time to move again.  Back to the town where we met and she fell in love with her hubby.    When she isn’t deep in the mommy mode she loves to be creative.  She can sew, draw, paint, write, and takes a pretty great photograph.    She also has a talent for saying things that are hard to say.  Things that make other people uncomfortable,  are just not an issue for this girl.  She’s a boss.  End of story.

JR says she would’ve hated me had she not befriended me, conversely, I would’ve been seriously heartbroken. Thankfully she became my bosom friend.  She’s wicked funny, super smart and genuinely wise- plus, she has this effortlessly gorgeous curly brown hair and can wear clothes at any size better than anyone I know  (actually, for that I could hate her). We worked at our campus coffee house drinking our weight in diet coke and JeRicas (a special 1000 cal blended coffee drink – don’t ask for the recipe, it may kill you), took almost all the same classes, and spent a few hours a week dancing or kickboxing … but, only for fun. The same year we meet each other we also met our husbands. Dr. Husband (Dr. Pre-med at the time) and JR were a fit from the start – ask him to dance and you’ll see why. His humor, integrity, intelligence and ability to thrive in all circumstances won her over and they tied the knot a month before JR graduated. Then, to my great sadness, they moved across the country to Washington DC for Dr. Husband to attend graduate school at Georgetown (yeah, we married smarty-smart-pants boys). During this time JR worked a desk job at a credit union (boring).  A year later they packed up their bags and moved to Philadelphia so Dr. Husband could start med school at Drexel. Here JR really flourished. She was a youth and family specialist at a transitional home for women and children, plus she & Dr. Husband got very involved at their little urban church. Philly also brought the advent of running marathons – crazy girl, training for hours in the snow, that’s hardcore. After 5 years on the east coast, Dr. Husband graduated med school and landed a job in California. So, this central valley girl came home. She got preggers with her daughter (born may 2008) while working as a program coordinator for an educational group providing healthy living resources to schools. And, after her little bear was born she became a stay at home mamma. Then on a whim, a year later JR decided to become a zumba instructor. Not only is she amazing at leading dance-exercise-booty-shaking, she subsequently got super fit – seriously people, fit fit fit. Then she got pregnant with number 2, cutest baby boy ever (born  may 2011).  Dr. Husband graduated residency and fellowship and they moved back to the Northern California town where it all started.

We originally started this blog to document  our fight to get back into our skinny jeans post baby.  But “no one puts Baby in corner” and we couldn’t handle being limited to fitness and food talk.  Never ladies to keep our opinions to ourselves we decided to just start sharing them here.


We aren’t experts.  Seriously, we aren’t lawyers, licensed nutrition coaches, doctors, accountants, trainers, or licensed therapists.  We are just  two thirty somethings trying to get it done.  In other words, please use your own gigantic brain to decide what is best for you and your body.


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