What the **** is a Girl Push Up?

For most of my life I have only done girl push ups.  You know, the type you do on your knees. Through years of dance training, cheerleading and gymnastics I never ventured to try a real push up.  Growing up in P.E. I remember being told by my teacher that I didn’t need to do the boy push ups, I could just go ahead and do the girl ones.  And from then on,  I never really tried to do a traditional push up.  Sad to say, I kind of assumed that they just weren’t for me and I probably couldn’t do them.  I hate that.

Then one day it occurred to me that I found the idea of a modified push up being called a girl push up deeply offensive and stupid.  Girls are strong.   The underlying message of labeling a modified exercise for females  sends a terrible and disempowering message to half of the population.

Last  summer I decided I wanted to be able to do real push ups.  I was determined.  So last June I challenged myself to be able to do 20 pushups straight by the end of the month.  Guess what, I could totally do it.  I started with just 3 and slowly built up.  I found this great 30 Day All Body Challenge on A Champagne Dream and used it all month long. I loved it because it had more than just push ups in it.   It starts out really easy and slowly builds.  By the end of the challenge you will be doing 20 push ups, a 2 minute plank, 100 squats and 100 crunches. Most nights I got it done while I watched TV.  (Exercising while watching Real Housewives somehow reduces my guilt over watching terrible television.)





It’s the start of a new month.  I’m starting the challenge today.  Anyone want to join me?


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