how i sweat (JR)-an exercise in necessity

So working out is necessary for my sanity and physique.  I’ve embraced this truth.  If I don’t work out I get cranky and squishy.  Here is my routine.


I try to do cardio at least 4 times per week.  I teach Zumba two times a week.  If you love to dance, enjoy music, and are looking for an excuse to shake your booty, you should try a class.  I included a link so you can check it out.  I seriously love teaching and it’s the most fun way to workout.  When I’m not doing Zumba I either go for a run (3-5 miles) or long bike ride (10-12 miles).  Our town is super bike friendly so I try to ride as much as I can.  I have an uber nerd cargo bike that both my kids fit on.  Pedaling two kids around town is a great way to burn some calories.


I have two trainers for this.  Karena and Katrina at Tone It Up!  Their workouts are super great.  They actually have a bunch posted on their You Tube! channel .  I like their workouts because I can do them anywhere and anytime.  I normally  do them in the morning before my kids are up or during their nap time.  I’ve committed to the 2013 Bikini Series so I’m doing one of these everyday!



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