Week 2 Update & Jumpstart to Skinny Grocery List Too

One week into Bob’s plan and I’ve got some results for y’all. Plus, there’s been a very positive internet response to posting the grocery list he so graciously left out of the book. So, buckle up kiddos, it’s about to get real…


weekly plans of an unreadable nature. but i’m wearing a bright pink shirt and my kitchen is a mess. so, cheers.

Before I start this thing in earnest I have another Protip: You will re-write your opening sentences 10 times if you try watching The Miracle of Swindon Town while writing. No joke, nothing pulls me down the YouTube rabbit-hole like the boys of Swindon. 

If this was a weigh in show I would weigh 4 pounds less than last week. Solid work Bobby Harps!!! Solid work me!!!

But first, as with all great honest relationships we start with True Confessions:

I had wine one night – I don’t feel bad about this perse. Bob says no to alcohol, but my tomato fish stew said yes. I went off book and had quinoa every morning since I won’t eat the bread on Pizza breakfast day (plus, gross).  Breaking with my no wheat rule, I was ravenous at the mall and had 1/2 a slice with emmie’s salted egg salad sandwich from starbucks (her favorite – more proof kids are plain bizarre  i mean i like egg salad as much as the next grownup, but why get that when there are cake pops. weirdo.)Also,  I did not exercise every day and I had a small bowl of 4 ingredient ice cream my niece made for me last night – I don’t feel bad about it though, life is not really life if one cannot celebrate familial kid culinary generosity.

Now, the part where I brag on myself:

I did my pre-breakfast workout 4 mornings this week. BOOM BABY!

Ok, I know Bob and K&K want me to get moving every day before breakfast.

But, I’m gonna bloody well pat myself on the back since this is 4 more morning workouts than ever before. And the verdict is in on AM workouts: They make the entire day better. More energy. Less weird food cravings. More positive feelings about myself for being a champion morning workouter (cheesy-slash-lame, but true). Less guilt about not getting to the gym after naps like I planned.

Save the exceptions in True Confessions I ate what Bob suggested and it was delicious. The Spaghetti Squash Bolognese and PBJ quinoa-meal were high points (will post my recipes soon).

But, you didn’t stop by to hear all about me, or maybe you did – I am fascinating after all. I know you came for the grocery list.

So, without further ado, have an awesome clean eating week all you Bobites.

WEEK 2 GROCERY LIST for 3  (*post edit: adjustments for 1 person in parenthesis)

fresh produce

8 (3) zucchini

4 (1) yellow squash

2 (1) bunches asparagus

cherry tomatoes

2 garlic heads

2 (1) cauliflower heads

10 (4) plum tomatoes

3 (2) bags arugula

3 lemons



8 (2-3) kale bunches

3 (1) swiss chard bunches

broccoli (lots)

spinach (lots)



3 (1) sweet potatoes


10 (4) persian cucumbers

dandelion greens

green onion

2 (1) avocado

4 (2) mix green bags


5 (2) red bell peppers


butter leaf lettuce head

cold stuff

egg whites (over 100 worth)

1 lb (1/2 lb) ground turkey

fat free green yogurt

sliced turkey

1 lb (1/3 lb) halibut/cod

1 lb (1/3 lb) shrimp

1 lb (1/3 lb) steak

5 lbs (1.5 lbs) chicken breast

dry/canned goods


whole wheat penne ** (not me)

low sodium vegetable broth

apple sauce no sugar added


liquid aminos


i also attached a pdf of the list in case you want to print it out. yeah, yeah, yeah, you are welcome. 

week 2 grocery list

week 2 grocery list


5 thoughts on “Week 2 Update & Jumpstart to Skinny Grocery List Too

  1. Miss you doll! LOVE keeping up with you and yours on fb. .As for fitness, it was all smoke and mirrors last time I saw ya…I am pretty good at hiding from my hips to my ribs! Ha..I pull it off because my arms and legs are slender, but my midsection likes to hold all my weight. This has been my year…I’m working it.. or atleast trying…love hearing about your journey and tips…super encouraging.

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