Jumpstart to Skinny – Week One (with a grocery shopping list…BOOM!)

The road to health is paved with good intentions. It’s also littered with quinoa & chicken breasts.

– me (erin) just now


(picture from @trainerbob’s instagram and he totally does)

In the blogging off season some stuff happened, not the least of which was my baby brother Mike got engaged. And, there’s nothing like an impending wedding of epic eternal family pictures to light a fire under one’s post-anniversary-trip-with-10-bonus-lbs behind. So, I made a new goal: 40 pounds down by the wedding in October.

(Now, while it may flatter me, do not say I don’t have 40 lbs to lose. Believe me, come the fall I will still be 20 pounds heavier than my 18 year old self.)

So, we have ramped up our efforts. JR posted about our commitment to Tone it Up’s spring Bikini Series (which is bomb btw, check out their workouts here here here). But, in order to get extra serious I have added another trainer to the mix: Bob Harper from tv’s Biggest Loser (his Instagram @trainerbob is worth checking out).

All the lovely Paleo bloggers we have enjoyed in the past continue to serve us well. And, the ladies over at Tone It Up are righteous to be sure. It’s just that Bob came out with a new book recently, Jumpstart to Skinny, that’s all kinds of fabu and, frankly, is exactly what Karena & Katrina  suggest in their plan (except K&K say yes to greek yogurt. golly gee, do we love greek yogurt).

Then, BONUS, my little sister Rocket decided to join us. She comes over every week to hang with my kids while I work on becoming a novelist (yeah, i know, newsflash. more on that later. promise.) and we are partnering for success.

Health Protip: Get a partner. It is next to impossible to get healthy inside a vacuum  (have you ever seen what’s inside your vacuum? Gross. SO, Game. Set. Match. Get a friend to support and join you!)

Bob articulates a 3-week plan to reprogram your metabolism and “jumpstart” the weight loss. Similar to his persona on tv’s Biggest Loser, TB’s book is charismatically on point. He is humorous, empathetic and no-nonsense.

The problem came after I read the first week’s plan and was all set to get going. I realized there wasn’t a grocery list. Whaaaaaa? So I utilized our Weekly Plan sheet, filling in all Bob’s meals (reframing a few meals that are not Paleo – he has a meal with Oats and two with Ezekial bread, thankfully dairy has been left out, besides a few sprinklings of Parmesan I will skip.).


And, like the gracious host that I am, I will share my list with y’all. You will have to get the book to find the recipes and meal plan (don’t want to infringe on Bob’s copyright. You’ve just been Lawyer-ed.)

Bob Harper’s Jumpstart to Skinny Week 1 Grocery List 

(for one person)

Fresh Produce



Yellow Squash

2 Bell Peppers

Red Onion

Yellow Onion


Green Onion

Basil Leaves

4 Plum Tomatoes





Spaghetti Squash







Swiss Chard


Baby Bok Choy

Shredded Cabbage (Trader Joe’s)

Power to the Green x3 (Trader Joe’s)



Fennel Bulb

Persian Cucumbers


Dry/Canned Goods


Olive Oil Spray

Sesame Oil

Low Sodium Vegtable Broth

32oz crushed low sodium canned tomatoes

Unsweetened Almond Milk

Ground Flax Seeds

Liquid Aminos

* Ezekial Bread


Fridge/Frozen Goods

35 Egg Whites (4 TJ’s containers)

Frozen Berries

8 4oz chicken breasts

4 oz cod fish

4 oz salmon fillet

ground turkey breast

*Parmesan Cheese

*Rolled Oats


26 thoughts on “Jumpstart to Skinny – Week One (with a grocery shopping list…BOOM!)

  1. Wow! What a healthy list! You’re writing makes me smile. You are on such a good track. 🙂
    One question: What is “electro” under “S2”???

  2. Thank you so much for making this list. My husband and I are starting the diet tomorrow and are headed out to grocery shop this afternoon.
    I realize the amount of time I have spent looking for a grocery list on-line is probably twice as long as the amount of time it would’ve taken to make a grocery, but once I get going on a quest it is hard to stop.
    Thank you again for doing the “hard part” for me & good luck

  3. Bob should be REALLY glad that you’ve made this grocery list because it’s really making it possible for time constrained folks to comply with the regimen and therefore LOOK GREAT THE DAY THEY TURN 50!!!

  4. What kind of fish oil supplements are the best? I hate fish, and if I burp fish, I’m not gonna make it!! LOL!! Also, is coconut water or electro mix better?

    • Ergsh, well I use a fish oil pill supplement from Melaluca. He has us consuming quite a bit, so pills are easiest for me.

      Regarding coconut water vs. electro enhanced water … lemme think … Ok, so the short answer has two parts. One, if calories are your main issue then calorie free electro water that is also not artificially sweetened (because, reasons). But, if you are not looking too hard to cut calories I would say coconut water because it is more natural. Also, coconut water is received well by your body. I should write a blog about this – look for it since it’ll be all your fault.

      Good job getting healthy and fit!! And isn’t bob just so great.

  5. I can’t stand turkey on any level and would like to substitute seafood…can this be done on this diet? And why can’t whole eggs be eaten instead of just egg whites, considering egg yolk is also very nutritious? Can this also be substituted?

    • I would venture to say that Bob has a very specific diet planned out and if you have questions of substitution you should probably consult the book. However, if you don’t have access to it my non-professional opinion would be to sub ground chicken for turkey, seafood may work, but not in the recipes he suggests. And the deal with egg whites only is strictly caloric. All the protein resides in the whites, the fat (and some nutrients that are great, but can be found in lower fat sources) in the yolk. I have heard a good deal of dietary advice for decreasing fat stores that suggests less fat and more carbohydrates in the morning while getting A LOT of protein – i.e. egg whites & fruit. Good luck in your journey to fitness. Hope this helped.

      • Thank you sooo much for answering me. My kitchen is now cleaned out of “bad nono foods” I bought my week one grocery list yesterday and will be starting this plan this coming Wednesday. I have a friend I hope will be on board with me. If not, its all about me anyway!! Oh and I do have the book but trying to find substitutions where applicable. I’m just not a big meat eater. Even poultry. But I love my seafood.
        Do you have another web site that you write about this plan and how others are doing?

    • sorry this is late coming. hopefully you pressed through and are feeling better. I do not know exactly why you were feeling low energy (and if you still are please see your doctor), but for me (a non-medical professional) when I cut sugar from my diet the detox usually last about 3-5 days and is accompanied by nausea & headaches (super FUN right?!). But, after you kick the sugar habit energy goes up, craving goes down, and metabolism works for, not against you.

  6. Thank goodness I found this. Have the book on my kindle and going back and forth trying to figure out what I need and what food is next without scrolling every page is becoming frustrating. Tried week one about 4 months ago, lost 10 in that week, by 1/2 way thru week 2 I felt I had lost enough. In 5 months I have gained back about 5 pounds, hense my day 2 of week one. Seems easier this time, #1 because I am more familiar with the plan, #2 YOUR SHOPPING LIST.


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  8. I’m getting married on July 28th and I’d like to drop as close to 40 as I possible can, I am BEYOND GRATEFUL for this list! You’re the best! I received my medicine ball today, so I only have the grocery shopping and prep left to do today, before I begin… THANK YOU!

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