Since I’m up early anyways

Since becoming a mommy I’ve had to make peace with some things. Namely, waking at the crack of dawn. I used to sit around, give my kid a snack, and pretend to still be asleep. But this left me feeling defeated and not so stellar in the parenting department. Plus it’s really hard to sleep through Sesame Street.

So when I’m on my game (which doesn’t always happen) I set my alarm and wake up before the kiddos. I get dressed in my work out clothes, sneak downstairs, and have a cuppa. Then I read, journal, and plan out my day. When the kids wake up, I grab them a snack and water bottle and put them in the stroller. And boom, Mommy’s getting it done. Off for a run and the day has just started.

When Dr. Husband is off for the day. I get to take off right away and enjoy the quiet morning all on my own. This morning was one of those mornings. So I laced up my shoes, grabbed my headphones (so I could check out Erin’s new playlist mentioned here), and had a wonderful solo run. Unfortunately, in my little Northern California town enjoying a playlist a little too loudly means you can’t hear the enraged biker who is shouting, “left, Left, LEFT!” until he almost hits you. Oops.

I snapped this while out on my run.  Get it done ladies, Get it done!




2 thoughts on “Since I’m up early anyways

  1. I suppose this may not be the appropriate place to mention that there were two deaths in Davis in 2010 of runners wearing headphones. But I’ll be debbie downer for the sake of my friend’s safety. On a lighter note, way to get it done!!

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