My Kryptonite

if marilyn can do it

A true confession. A dirty sorta secret. A place to put my shame.

The Gym.

But first, some background: over the past year, the main issue has been what I (Erin) put into my body. Lots of hard work and discipline… and, success. I now feel comfortable with what I can and cannot eat, grace with limitations. I feed my body what it needs.

Cutting grain, rice, sugar and dairy was an Everest. And, for someone who hates hiking this is a very accurate metaphor.  Now, after a year of Paleoish living I don’t really miss those things anymore – at least not every day. And this past month, to keep the blood sugar extra stable, I have not been consuming fruit, which has been easier than I imagined. Eyes on the prize.

However, I have a fatal flaw. Kryptonite, if you will. And, I don’t think I’m alone. I may be the Superwoman She-Ra Rainbow Bright of clean eating, but getting to the gym is an impossible impossibility on a impossibly massive scale. I cannot for the life of me exercise.  Seriously. No joking and all honesty here – I have gone  to the gym only once since the beginning of the year even after intending to go 4/5 times a week in prep for vacay. I mean, for real, I not even eating effing blueberries, you’d think a trip to gym that offers me 90 minutes of free childcare would entice me.  Nope. I stay home in my workout gear while 11am becomes 2pm which becomes 5pm, and we out.

So, I’m bringing y’all into my struggle. Me and the YMCA need to get back on track. In relational terms, I’d prefer we were makeout buddies, but for now texting will suffice. Daily. Minimal duration. 20 push-ups.

How do I plan on doing it you may ask. Well, I’m gonna tell you.

I. Have. No. Freaking. Idea.

But, inspiration rarely hits me without a musical playlist. Therefore I made one on Spotify. (btw, I’m completely obsessed with this monthly subscription musical schmorgesborg)

And I want to share it with you. 35 minutes of exercise ready tunes: super girly pop, new wave poppy bluegrass, hip-hop dance, and 90’s alternative, followed by a 5 minute U2 cooldown. Really, a window into my soul.


:: My Kryptonite Playlist ::


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