Cupid – We’re coming for you!

green and red healthy food

So it’s been almost two weeks since the New Year started. How are you doing on your resolution to eat better, cleaner, leaner, and healthier? Maybe you are doing awesome. Maybe you are having a rough go of it. Whatever the case may be, a bit of goal setting and motivation always helps.

So here it is. A challenge. Clean eating from now until Valentine’s Day. If you are on board with me and Erin, you are already Paleo for the month of January. Two more weeks will be the icing on the gluten free, sugar free, dairy free cake. If you missed out on joining Erin and I, it is time to jump on it.

So no dairy, no sugar, and no grain. And no boozing ladies. Lots of lean protein, lots of veggies, and some fruit. It will take work and dedication and some days it will be super hard to not devour your children’s mac n’cheese. But I promise you, you will see results.

I work best if I give myself some incentive. This time my incentive is avoiding public shame.   If I cheat I will make a public confession on the blog with photo documentation. Erin’s incentive continues to be her upcoming 10 Year Anniversary trip to Hawaii. What are you using as incentive? A new pair of skinny jeans? A pedicure? A day away from kiddos?

Tomorrow will be posting a freebie to help you out. Get excited!

Let’s do it! Who is with us?


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