The Art of Going Without

I (Erin) have had a few years of struggling with the really real reality that I am limited. Like, super limited. And there’s nothing I can do about it. While my self-journey through the valley of less-than-ideal-outcomes has come with it’s share of set-backs, I remain hopeful. Why? Because, having limitations is okay, frankly it’s awesome.

I know a few people who seem to live without limitation in one or many areas of their lives and they generally seem more discontent. The rest of us know that algebra, long distance running, figure drawing and homemade pie crust brings us to our knees. There is comfort here: I do not have to worry about becoming a baker or a marathoner. Phew. It is good to know who I am and who I am not.

I am NOT someone who can eat wheat, sugar and milk without some LARGE consequences. Boo. The great sadness I feel about not realizing this until my 29th birthday is only matched by my great joy that I found out before my 39th. My twenties had their way with my midline/thighs/booty. However, it’s ok. I am a big fan of my twenties. They were a hedonistic playground of french fries, ginger cookies and flavored lattes. I chose to look back with fondness. Those times were delicious. Those times are over.

So, I go without.

And, I don’t complain. And, I dismiss cravings. And, I make adjustments. And, I refuse to give into foodie peer pressure (the worst kind). And, I allow myself the grace to fail sometimes without shame. Because, I can’t change the way my body metabolizes certain foods. And, there’s no point in bitching about it.

Luckily, I’ve learned some tricks to get me though that I want to share with you.


Two words: Cinnamon Tea
Harney and Sons makes my favorite: Hot Cinnamon Spice
A favorite of mine through grad-school: it can steep for days and is spicy and sweet and (most importantly for the early AM momma) caffeinated.

cinnful tea

Two more words: Coconut Creamer
If you are going to allow yourself a slight daily cheat I would go with creamer in your coffee. If you want to stay dairy free I would go with coconut creamer (nut milks are adequate, but do not satisfy). Avoid the flavored ones because they taste fake and gross (my opinion)


Tune in next time for a tale of snacking proportion.




3 thoughts on “The Art of Going Without

  1. I so, so, so relate! I still do some dairy, but sugar and carbs do me in. I still battle with myself and often lose but know the difference it can make.
    I am so glad you all are blogging about this, Bill and I are both going paleoish and it def helps to see what others are doing. Trying the meatball recepie this week!
    I TRY to be balanced, but my downfall is the nighttime when I finally get the kids in bed and want to just relax and snack the night away with a big ole glass of vino.

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