This Little Piggie Went to Market


While we consume mass quantities of pizza, chocolate chip cookies and Nespresso lattes with refined sugar we plan for tomorrow. For tomorrow we go large. Tomorrow we get ‘er done. Tomorrow we start the first day of healthy living 2013. Tomorrow we go full caveman. Therefore, tomorrow we go grocery shopping.

So, if you are joining us for JANUARY PALEOLITHIC THRILL SPECTACULAR (JPTS) we want to say HUZZAH! and here’s a little list to set you up for success in the kitchen.

First: we keep to the edges of the grocery store, and shop primarily at COSTCO (C), Trader Joes (TJ) and Whole Foods (WF).

Second: we attempt at meal planning for all meals (including snacks).

Third: we have found that if we have non-Paleo food laying around we are borrowing trouble. Purging is necessary! Sugar. Grain. Rice. Potatoes. Refined Sugar. Dairy. All out! If it doesn’t have a face or come straight from the earth it goes.



LARGE bag of Baby Spinach (C)
Bag of “power to the greens” (TJ)
Bag of Arugela (TJ)
Bag of Asperagus (C)
Tray of Tomatoes (C)
Box of Cherry Tomatoes (TJ or C)
Precut Mushrooms (TJ or C)
3 bags of Precut Onions (because we are lazy) (TJ)
2 Miropex contaniers (because our laziness really knows no bounds) (TJ)
6-8 zucchini (TJ)
bag of brussel sprouts (TJ or C)
bag of baby carrots (TJ)
bag of little mixed bell peppers (C)
bushel of fresh basil (TJ)

berries, berries and more berries

***Here is the lowdown on fruit. It is delish because it is full of sugar. If you are really trying to lose weight go easy on the fruit and don’t eat it after noon. Erin is in the final 60 days till her 10 year anniversary trip and therefore is foregoing fruit all together. Brave girl.


2 dozen (at least) organic free range eggs (TJ or C)
2 lbs chicken italian sausage (TJ or WF)
1 lb pork spicy italian sausage (TJ or WF)
1 lb pork italian sausage sweet (TJ or WF)
1 lb ground turkey (TJ)
skinless chicken breasts/thighs
rotisserie chicken (C)
pre-grilled and seasoned chicken breasts (TJ)
frozen salmon or mahi mahi (TJ or C)
2 can tuna in water (TJ)

Canned / Dry Foods:

4 16-oz cans diced tomatoes (TJ or C)
2 16-oz cans fire roasted diced tomatoes (TJ)
2 cans tomato paste (TJ or C)
2 boxes of beef broth (TJ or WF)
1 jar of sugarless basil marinara (TJ)
1 jar capers (TJ)
1 jar whole grain mustard
1 package almond meal/flour (TJ or WF)
ground flax seed (TJ)
dried organo (TJ)
21 seasoning salute (TJ)
red pepper flakes (TJ)

So, off to the market with us!

Oh, and Happy New Year!

2013 is gonna be a healthy shrinking good time.


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