Brace Yourself…Bikini Time

When we started this blog I had a very specific goal in mind. Wearing a bikini for my 10th Anniversiary. I knew we were going to go someplace tropical and I wanted to feel comfortable walking around in a bathing suit. My last experience with extensive bathing suit wearing was on family vacation at about 10 weeks post partum. Here is one of the only pictures of me in a suit. I tried to avoid any full frontal shots.


I’m not saying I looked bad. I just knew I could do better. So I worked hard. I kept to the Paleo plan, enlisted some help from my girls over at Tone It Up!, and kept to my workout goals. It was hard but it was worth it. Life got a bit crazy but I stayed focused. And then in June, Dr. Husband and I got to go kid free for a week to Cancun. It was lovely. An entire week of hanging out with my favorite person while being served endless fruity drinks and staring out at turquoise water and white sand. And guess what, I rocked a bikini.

So here I am at just about one year post partum, the day before our trip, and freshly spray tanned.


And here we are in Mexico. Besides the Montezuma’s revenge, it was an amazing trip.
IMG_1559So now it is December, my trip was over 6 months ago. I’ve softened up a bit but I still fit in my skinny jeans. In fact I’m wearing smaller skinny jeans than I did before either of my pregnancies. I feel like I’ve finally learned how to eat and exercise right, not just to attain a goal of wearing a bikini, but to maintain a healthy lifestyle that I feel good about it. I’ve learned somethings over the last year and I’m excited to share them here.
I think the most important thing I’ve learned is how important it is too have support. To surround yourself with people that understand your goals. I’m hoping that we can all do that for each other here. I’m hoping we can encourage each other to be the best versions of our healthy and hawt selves. Do you have any goals for 2013? We would love for you to share them here.


4 thoughts on “Brace Yourself…Bikini Time

  1. My goal is to be as hawt as you and Erin when I’m a mom. For 2013, my goal is to fit into the skinnies that you gave me before you moved. HOLLA!

  2. I would love to hear (read) more about your healthy eating…what have you learned in the exercise department? I can’t seem to get under the 150 mark after Phoebe. My goal is 130 and I have never had to “diet” before. Eating what I want is simply not cutting it, especially after celebrating my 34th birthday!

  3. I’m thinking that I’d like to be where I was before I got pregnant with Nora by the time she’s a year old- not just weight but fitness level too. It’s always pool weather here, so my other goal is to be confident and gracious to myself as I get back in pre-baby shape. Just living healthily is enough- the results are secondary.

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