And we are back in the game

Almost a year ago we started this little blog thing, more importantly we started a journey towards healthier, and also fitter, then consequently, skinnier selves. While all our blogging intentions seemed to go the way of the Walkman. After a few fantastic (if we do say so ourselves) posts we just sort of let life and the inevitable pull towards getting through a full (and fit) mommy life just became too much for us. But, we hope that like the hammer or harem pant, another nineties throwback, we too will be making an unexpected and sometimes outrageous comeback.

So, where have we been? We’ve lived through a big year: collectively losing 55 lbs (then gaining 15 back during our vacation months – but more on that later), having husbands with insane work schedules and multiple international trips, moving across the state, leaving old then finding new zumba classes to teach, a few friends & family trips to Disneyland (read: faileo), a month living on an island, and all the while attempting-not-always-succeeding healthful living.

So, we are back. And, we welcome you to keep checking in. 2013 is gonna get real. It’s a new year for new challenges, new victories, new adjustments and new tales of two thirtysomethings.

Starting off: the first of January will be our kick off for a clean green paleo month of madness. Join us!!!! Till then, celebrate with some spiked egg nog and Christmas cookies. I know we will be Faileoing with celebratory grandeur for the next few days.

E and JR



One thought on “And we are back in the game

  1. I like this…more posts please, looking for virtual group to follow since 2013 is the year I need to get back into fighting shape to acccommodate the 25 lbs I might gain if we decide on baby #2 and Erin you are so entertaining…just as I remember in whatever class that was we used to sit together at 🙂

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