Just In Case You Were Wondering

If you are like me you want to know the nitty gritty.  You know, the real details.  I realized that after January I never shared the results of our first 30 Something Paleo Challenge.  (Did you forgot what that was?  Here is a quick recap:  no dairy, no grains, no added sugar, no alcohol, lots of animal protein, lots of vegetables, and a little bit of fruit and nuts.)  Well by the end of the month I lost 6 pounds.  Yep, 6 pounds!   Erin lost even more than that, but I will let her tell you about it.  I am pretty pleased with myself.  At the end of the month I successfully fit into all of my pants and most of my tops.  Though the top issue has everything to do with nursing and not actual weight.  I’m sure once I’m done nursing I’ll fit back into all of my tops, and I’ll be pouting about how baggy they are. But back to the pants,  I actually had to go buy two new pairs  because mine were too big.  Yeah!!!! I do miss how nice my bigger jeans made my stomach look though.  Has anyone else ever noticed that if  your jeans are a little loose around the waist, you might almost start to believe that you don’t have any “tummy issues.”  But my pants were so loose I could slip them down without unbuttoning.  So now I am in jeans that actually fit but do create a little bit of (dare I say) a muffin top.  Ah, the work continues.

So now it is February.  I have been eating Paleoish and been indulging in some open meals.  And don’t even get me started on the Super Bowl.  Let’s just say two beers, a piece of pizza, multiple wings, and chocolate chip cookies left me feeling a bit blah.  Ah, lesson learned.  Overeating is just not worth it.  But there was one small victory from that day.  Little Miss was very impressed by Madonna’s halftime show and of course she wanted to be like M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj and put on her cheerleading outfit too.  Then she pleaded with me to put mine on.  I’m not even sure how she knew I had one.  But, she had been a good sport, hanging out and watching so much of the game, I thought it would be nice to indulge her a bit.  So I dug it out of the garage and tried it on.  Guess what?  It fit. And because I know you want to see it.  Here you go…

I’m pushing that polyester to it’s breaking point, but I’m making it work.  By the way, Little Miss  picked out snakeskin heels for me to wear with it.    Real classy.  I know for sure that I would not have fit into at all in December.  Thank you cavemen for sharing your diet with me!

So like I said before, I have been eating Paleoish all of February.  Here is the crazy part.  My weight has not budged.  It hasn’t gone up.  It;s hasn’t gone down.  At first I was feeling a bit bummed.  But then I realized that I have at least succeeded in finding a way to eat that will help me maintain a very stable weight. But i still have a bit of weight to lose and my tummy needs to flatten out a bit.  So in March I’m jumping back into Paleo.   No open meals, no cheats.  I’m excited to see what my by body does.  Do you want to join me?  You’ve got a little under 2 weeks to decide and prepare yourself.  We will all do it together.  Erin and I will be sharing our grocery lists and our menus.  You won’t have to do it alone.  Just start thinking about it….


3 thoughts on “Just In Case You Were Wondering

    • i wasn’t trying to punk you with my 7 pounds. or my booyah. that was just excitement speaking.

      but you still look as awesome in your cheer outfit as i remember back in the day. too bad we can’t see those heels.

  1. What does a Paleo pantry need to look like? I think Christian and I are on board, excited to see the menus! Any thoughts/suggestions on the kiddo & snacks for her– we often do string cheese, yogurt, turkey or goldfish.

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