Weekend Workout Challenge


I’m a disciplined person but even I struggle to workout on the weekends. If my husband is actually off work I want to hang out with him. Or I want to run errands. Or I want to just relax with my kids.
But working out is such a good thing. So let’s challenge each other to workout this weekend. But let’s open our minds up a bit. This weekend, workout at the park with your kids. Put down the iPhone. Pinterest and Facebook will still be there later. Play with your kids. Start a game of tag. Do the monkey bars (oh my gosh those are hard). Impress your kids with your awesome cherry drop. Do some box jumps onto the jungle jim steps. Other parents might think you are a bit funny, but chances are they will be jealous of how much fun you are having.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Workout Challenge

  1. I’ve worked out with Sam a few times lately to an exercise audiotape I used to do as a kid. If I really try to do everything and well- it’s a pretty decent workout for me too (jumping like a kangaroo- running around with kicks and jumps)- though short… so I usually add in 15 minutes of Zumba at the beginning or the end

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