Acorn Squash Magnifique

Got an awesome recipe from my awesome friend Sarah. She’s also on a quest to get healthy and hawt, just finished her first 30 day challenge this week. Solid work! She passed on the following recipe and I made it for another friend named Sarah and my mom for lunch today. It was delicious, lemme tell ya.


Doesn’t that look lovely. Because it is! Now here’s the recipe:

Preheat oven to 375

2 acorns squashes cut in half and de-seeded. Brush with coconut oil and sprinkle cinnamon generously.
1 lb ground meat (we had ground turkey thighs) browned with any spices you want (I used splashes of smokey paprika, fennel seeds, oregano and salt)
1/2 cauliflower head diced in a food processor.
1 1/2 cups food processor diced kale.
8 slices of uncooked bacon.

Combine fine diced veggies with browned seasoned meat. Stuff into squash holes making a small mound. Cover with 2 slices of bacon. Place on greased Pyrex casserole pan. Bake for 30ish minutes. I put the broiler on for 5 at the end to get the bacon a little crisp.


Here’s em tonight eating a very un-paleo mac’n cheese with a side of hot oatmeal.



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