the art of transitioning

Two words: Transition Jeans. But, more on them in a minute.

First we gotta talk about maternity jeans. They are ah-mah-zing. Four months after having Emmie I posted about them here. I remember with great clarity the first time I pulled on a pair, I literally gasped with joy thinking “this is what it must feel like to be a boy. walking around unencumbered by tight pants, free to move free to sit free to run. I may never take them off.” This time around I did not wear the M.Pants much past 4 week postpartum, and not much during the pregnancy either. Here’s the deal, I am still a fan, don’t get me wrong, only now I need a bit more in the ‘control top’ arena (thanks to dos ninos and the saggy skin you cause) and the m.jean panel is a bit too loose. It was about 4 months ago now when I said to myself – something has got to change, we can’t keep wearing yoga pants & leggings as real pants EVERYday. So, I went and bought a pair of transition jeans from Forever21 in the plus-size section. They looked cute and more importantly, I could button them. However, if I wanted to be free of the oft-scoffed-at-and-never-appreciated muffin top present in all “hard pants” now that my stomach skin is a bit more…er…how do i say it…shifty, I needed some SPANX.

{this is not me}

I once heard that Rebecca Romijn, after having her twins, wore Spanx any time she left the house, even to the gym. Wearing them to the gym does sound awesomely unjiggly, but a little constricting. So, for me, wearing them under jeans was a good enough. I went to Nordstroms and the Spanx spoke to me, she said: “hey erin, it’s cool to be a little deflated-balloonish right now. no worries, we’ll gird you in on all sides and keep that line from tummy to jean smooth. Just breath and let us work our spanexy magic.” Spanx made good on her promise. She gave me the freedom to be a cute dresser again.  Over the holidays I wore my skinny jeans with boots and a sexy cardigan like a champ. And, despite the light indentation mid-thigh that only I noticed, it was working for me and I was working it. Felt good.

So, here’s the advice chapter of this blog: ladies, figure out a way to feel cute again. I know it’s an internal state of mind, but I feel cuter in a coordinating outfit than in my spit-up covered oversized maternity shirt and old gauchos. For me it meant some new jeans and some Spanx. For you it may mean some new underwear (seriously, post babies ya gotta get new chonies), or a couple new workout tops & pants, or a pair of old navy flats. Whatever you do, finding your inner cuteness during the transition from hot preggo to hot mamma is essential. Kids can take the grrr out of us (as my mom and her friends would say), you gotta get it back.

And, here’s the victory chapter: I no longer fit into my transition jeans. That same day I jumped over to H&M and tried on all their skinny jeans. Purchased the ones that “fit” if I were 10 lbs smaller and had Mr. Man wrap & place them under the tree. Then on Christmas day I opened them. Shinny and new in black low-rise and dark blue high-rise, I could just smell all the promise they held. And then, they didn’t fit…yet. I tried them on again after new year’s… didn’t fit. It was okay, this is a journey not a destination and I was feeling healthier and fuller and had a bit more grrr than a month earlier, just not fitting into my Xmas Transition Jeans II.  2 weeks later, (14 days into the 30 day paleo challenge) I tried them on… SUCESS! They buttoned and everything. However, they weren’t ready for form-fitting shirts (see pic above). Then, last sunday, I tried them on one more time …and voila, they fit without an above-bulge. I wore them with a cute Anthro top I scored for $15. See outfit below (taken from my computer as I write)

excuse my mess. we are packing for disneyland. (as if that's a legitimate excuse)

See you can do it. I’m doing it. Making it happen. One transition at a time.


5 thoughts on “the art of transitioning

  1. You are a hot mama all of the time! I love your posts. It makes me feel like we are virtually spending time together. I love that outfit and you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL in every single picture 🙂

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