A Good Day at the Office

I am a stay at home Mom.  Well kind of.  I actually do have a job outside of the home.  I work three hours each week.  Yes, you read that right, three hours.  For three glorious hours each week I teach Zumba.  Not sure what Zumba is?  Well here you go.

When Little Miss was a year old I took my first class and immediately thought to myself, I could do this, I should become an instructor.  With some encouragement from my husband I decided to sign up for the training.  Here I am after my certification course.  I’m in the middle row on the left hand side.

Now, I am prone to being overdramatic but I’m not overdoing it when I say becoming a Zumba instructor was one of the best decisions of my entire life.  Here is why.  I found exercise that I love.  I love to dance.  I love the music.  But I also love instructing.  It makes me so happy to see my students enjoying working out.  Today as I was instructing I couldn’t help but smile.  There I was dancing with 50 plus other ladies (and one man) and we were all getting a great workout and having fun.   I am so encouraged by my students.  One student  had two babies in three years, she is down 35 pounds.  She used to hang out in the back.  Now she is front and center and looking fabulous.  Misha has lost 70 pounds and an additional 10 since she started  Zumba.  So amazing!

Exercise should be hard work.  You should be pushing your body.  But you should also enjoy it.  Otherwise you won’t do it.  Or maybe you will do it once or twice but you won’t stick with it.  What type of exercise do you like?  Maybe you should give Zumba a try…..if you are in town, you are always welcome at my class.


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