Planning is my favorite


I love to plan. It’s kind of a hobby for me. In fact my husband and I are planning a 10 year anniversary trip. At first I wanted him to surprise me. But then the planner in me freaked out and I needed to know so I could plan for the trip. (In case you are wondering, we are going to Mexico. I will look fierce in my bikini. Oh yes, fierce I tell you.)

So of course I make and follow a meal plan. At the beginning of each month I set our menu. I look at our calendar and figure out what nights we need fast meals or meals I can put in the oven and forget about for a few hours. I make a note of any date nights or times we will be out of town.

Each Monday I do our major grocery shopping and try to get everything I need for the week. I find that cooking is way less of a chore this way. No staring in front of the fridge trying to figure out what to make. I also find that we eat out much less when I meal plan. Saves money and we eat healthier. Double bonus.

Do you meal plan? What are you planning to cook this week? I will be making Chicken with Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Italian Sausage Stew, Pioneer Woman Pork Roast and Apples, BBQ Lettuce Wrapped Turkey Burgers, and the Barefoot Contessa’s Lemon Garlic Roasted Chicken. All Paleoish and delicious!

So seriously, what are you making?


6 thoughts on “Planning is my favorite

  1. This week the line-up is: Santa Fe chicken (in the crockpot finishing up, it is for tomorrow), BLTAs, vegetable strata (a desperate attempt to use a bunch of eggs as our chickens are being very productive these days), pasta with turkey meatballs, tuna melts (on hubby’s night to cook), and mini Thanksgiving (turkey breast, cran sauce, sweet potatoes, green beans). πŸ™‚

  2. Oh Jen… this is one thing about you that I have tried several times to emulate and failed spectacularly each time. I seriously can’t figure out how to maintain planning and following-through on the plan. But I really really get the reasoning- eat food that tastes better and is better for you, eat out less… Seriously though, we just try to have things on hand and then decide what to do with it each day- it does result in eating out often, at least that’s not too expensive here, but then you can’t control the healthiness of the cooking either. So this remains on my ‘needs improvement’ list. C

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